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Re: Balanced Tank/Green Water & Content of postings

Sylvia wrote:

| The snails were moved out and with water changes over time, the water
| up (though I didn't necessarily want it to). After a recent
| I returned to find the tank smothered in cottony green algae growing
| everywhere but NO green water. Without the snails I get different algae
| growth. With those apple snails, the algae that took over was the green
| type.
| As I said, unscientific, but more than coincidence. What would be the
| clincher is if the pond they were sent to, turned green . . . Brenda?

I reply:

The reason snails may appear to contribute to green water algae is that they
consume the fuzzy, cottony algae that grows on everything. When allowed to
grow the fuzzy algae outcompetes the green water algae for nutrients. My
first spring and summer of watergardening, I had constant green water
because I was continually scrubbing the fuzzy algae off the sides of the
small preform pond I had at that time. I also kept draining the water out
and refilling with fresh water and never giving the water a chance to reach
it's own balance. I didn't know any better at the time.

Now I don't have a problem with either type of algae. The snails, pleco and
algae eaters keep the fuzzy algae down and by adding potash and iron
regularly to the water the water hyacinths manage to keep any excess
phosphates from feeding green water algae. After almost 3 years of
watergardening in the extremely high light conditions here in the desert, I
believe managing nutrients is one of the main factors in controlling green
water algae.

BTW, Sylvia, I participate in two other forums that have lots of content
related to fish, fish diseases and other pond and watergardening issues. If
you would like links to those forums you can email me and I'll happily
direct you there. They are not as related to aquarium issues as this one,
but you might find some of the topics discussed there informative.

Watergardening in the Desert!