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Re: clams

With apologies to non-Bay Area folks...

anyone interested in a group trip to the Russian River to get some clams? 
I'd love to get a few and meet people as a bonus...
-Tierney Wayne
San Jose

>Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 17:55:34 -0800
>From: "Thomas Barr" <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
>Subject: RE: clamy
> >This reminds me about the freshwater clam that I used to have.  Wonderful
> >creature.  If anybody else keeps these guys or knows of a source for
> >obtaining them (haven't seen them at my LFS in years) please let me know
> >off list--I'd love to get some more.
> >
> >-Carmen
>How's about going to the Russian river collecting them? It's not that far
>from you and Burke's canoe rentals will rent one for you and you can make a
>fun day of it. Paddle up to the Air tube damn and dig around the sand bars
>just below the rapids. There's plenty. I've had them for some time. AAG
>sells on line/MO also.
>Didn't know thar's a FW mollusk growing so close did ya?  Also a great 
>to get driftwood, have a great lazy day swimming(they have a shuttle bus to
>take you back upstream!) on a hot day. There's lots of clams around here.
>Now I'm hungry for steamed.........clams. Mmmm.
>Tom Barr

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