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my green water disappeared!

To add fuel to the fire:)

A few weeks ago I was complaining about green water (before it was in its
current vogue!) and tried a number of unsuccessful remedies, in my 55gal
planted tank with 110W CF.
Between last friday and Sunday, the tank gradually cleaned itself up and is
now crystal clear. My log files show that that the only thing i did recently
(the previous monday) was:
1) A normal water change (25%) and filter cleaning (previously this was only
marginally, and temporarily, helpful)
2) Move a DIY CO2 setup from another tank to this one
3) Add 1/2tsp MgSO4. (Still gathering supplies for PMDD, thought I'd
experiment with the epsom salts)

I dont know if these >really< are what fixed it, or what. I hypothesize that
the plants were starving from CO2, and maybe the microalgae were getting it
from the surface. Once CO2 was more available to the plants, they were able
to use the nutrients in the water, and could only then outcompete the
microalgae. I'm very happy because I was getting prepared to buy a diatom or
micron filter, now it looks unnecessary.

Maybe it was dumb luck. Either way, the tank looks GREAT ('cept for some
spots in leaves and some indications of a persistent Ca deficiency in my
ultra-soft Seattle water). Just thought I'd pass that on.