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Re: Heating Cables Vs. the Growth Plate

George Booth wrote:
>I'm having trouble visualing a "raised slot".  I always pictured a slot as
>groove or something that was concave in a squared off manner. Could you

You right, bad choice of words on my part. I should have used the word you
used 'ribs or risers'. They come about 3/4 of an inch up from the plate and
run the length of the plate. Now you can hopefully see how this would hold
back the substrate.

As far as an even heating of the substrate goes I still am unsure. For
example, for a 24x12 inch footprint a 12 inches ceramic tube heater is
installed in the middle under the plate. The heater kicks on and the first
to heat up would be directly above the heater. Now the sides of the
plate/aquarium should be cooler than the center. Does this make sense? Would
this duplicate, to some degree, the effects and benefits of a coil? I
suppose the coil might do a better job at creating hot and cold zones.

Ryan Stover