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Re: light intensity

Wayne wrote:

>George's system may produce quite a bit more light than the lamp wattage
>actually indicates. I would very much like to know the current and voltage
>across the lamps in his system so I could learn the wattage his lamps are
>actually consuming. One of the most interesting things about George's setup
>is that it is not fully optimized. 

That's hard to measure since I use rubber end caps - it's hard to get to the 
bulb pins. But I use plain, old-fashioned tar ballasts made by Advance that 
produce loads of heat (i.e., energy loss).  It would be nice to go to energy 
efficient T-8 bulbs and electronic ballasts (and don't think I haven't thought 
about it) but there is all the work involved in getting parts and finding the 
right bulbs and constructing the whole thing. besides, what I have now is just 
enough <g>.

George Booth in Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)