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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #391

RE:Heating Coils
    I was wondering...and if anyone has tried this and found disaster at the
end , please don`t hesitate to E me .
 I`m thinking through some methods of heating my substrate with found items
around the homestead . One way is to use a waterbed heater ( about 16" X
40" )...under the 55 G I have held in place by a board of the correct size
and styrofoam for insulation . It has a separate thermastat with controls
and is waterproof .  The other way would be to use a device from a hospital
I have for heating water that is pumped through tubes to a heavy plastic
sheet that`s almost the perfect size to go under the 55 G ....it has
controls to run water from room temp to 105 deg. and slowly pumps the water
through a little at a time . This is made for continious use and would be
mounted the same way as the WB heater .
      Am I out in left feild on this ?