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Tampa Bay Aquarium Society meeting July 10th, 2000

Hi Everybody,

I want to remind and invite you to the upcoming meeting of the Tampa Bay
Aquarium Society this coming Monday, July 10th, 2000

In addition to the regular stuff of Door Prizes, Fish auction, bowl show
and general fishy stuff going on, we are featuring as our speaker,


Dr. Roy Yanong, the country's premier fish veterinarian, will be giving
a talk on recognizing and treating common fish diseases.

If you have not seen Dr. Roy talk before you are in for a real treat.
IF you have, then you know how informative this talk will be.

Dr. Roy is the on-staff Vet at the Tropical Aquarculture Laboratory in
Ruskin, Florida.  When the fish farmers have a problem, Dr. Roy is the
one they call.

Dr. Roy has spoken on fish diseases all over the world and will be more
then happy to answer any and all questions concerning your fishes

The meeting which starts at 7 PM will be held at our normal meeting
place in the Florida Aquarium.

If you need more information, or directions, don't hesitate to email me.

Best Fishes,

Mr. Fish

            ~~~   {