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Re: : H2O2 in the planted tank, etc

Roger wrote
What I find most galling in this little flame fest are the newbies and
lurkers coming out of the woodwork to complain about the attitude and
advise of long time list participants.  Any one who's been on this list
very long knows James to be helpful, reserved and understanding.  Also
those who have been on the list for a while know that isn't a tribute from
an old ally; James and I often disagree.<<

Well personally I found his comments to be very harsh and unnecessary.
Carmen seemed to take offense to it and I am not surprised other people did
as well. If you want to call that a flame war, well OK. I fully respect and
even admire some of the long standing members of this group, and I think we
are lucky that they participate, but many people, lurkers or not, have
varying degrees of knowledge and experience, and interest. Many of these
people even though you dont know their name, I am sure feel a part of this
group and want to be treated as equals. I think they may even be surprised
that you would call them "newbies coming out of the woodwork" Nobody likes
to be looked down upon or made to feel inadequate no matter how sutle or
unintentional it is. Why were James comments needed in the first place?
Cant a discussion simply run its course without putting demands on how
someone should offer comments or advice?

Robert Paul H