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Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #385

Hi, I have two questions. One of my platies is sick, and i can't figure why. 
For the last couple of weeks she has been very in-active, just kinda resting 
on the bottom, eating, but otherwise still, last night i saw her rubbing on 
the bottom, and on plants. I see no white spots on her, and her body is bent 
at an angle most of the time. I have removed her to a hosp. tank, and need to 
know how to treat her. The tank is a 10 gal. with a light fish load, and not 
quite heavily planted. i use a whisper power filter with no carbon, and DIY 
Co2, so the ph varies with the Co2 input, could this be the reason for her 
illness? My other question is concerning black (red) algae, this the only 
algae i am having trouble with, I use 10ml per week of the kent marine plant 
supplement, and the tank has three GE Chroma 50 bulbs (total of 45 watts) run 
usually 8 to ten hours a day. I have read a lot on here about agae control, 
but nothing specific about this agae, my plants have good growth, but soon 
get covered with this algae, and i have to prune them off. If anyone can help 
me on this, i would be thankful.
tim armstrong