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Re: JAMES and the goose chase II

James said:

>real research. I find it just slightly hypocritical for anyone to on the one
>hand use ADA, Dupla and/or Dennerle products as justification for a position
>yet on the other to thunder at them due to their cost.

If you mean it is expensive for these companies to conduct their original
research, seek gov approval for their products and then market them, I
honestly never considered those factors.  IF that's what you ment.  You may
have a point there!  In addition, perhaps European laws may be more laxed
than American EPA regulations regarding approval of chemicals, making the
"red-tape" costs of marketing on this side of the pond much more
prohibitive.  Such problems may not stand in the way of other products
example Automobiles and Electronics.  This would explain the "why" better
than your contention that they were "afraid" etc.

And Please; dont be offended by my tendency to use last names.  Where I'm
from originally, it is more common especially among total strangers.  Since
I've never spoken to you from my perspective it seemed appropriate (there
is also more than one James, Tom, Dave etc on the list). I'll try remember
next time but in case I slip in the future, please don't bite my head off!

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