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Heating cables & plant growth

This one is directed to those who use substrate heating cables.  I've
noticed a growth tendency of some planted tanks with 10-15 different
species to suddenly slow down and STOP!  Usually after being in opperation
for over a year.  Nurient supplimentation has a negligable effect, Bulbs
still bright enough to grow glossostigma, water changes reinstituted.
Always had Co2 and still does.  No algae.  But the tank will only return to
a tiny fraction of its former productivity.  Assuming all of the above were
done correctly; has anyone had this experience?

Has anyone had this experience while using electric heating cables (the
REAL ones not the "hot water" ones)?  If you have heating cables, have you
ever been able to maintain vigorous growth indefinately w/o a major
substrate overhaul?  

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