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Re: Ashley

>Ashley Sligh asked:
>> Is there a rule-of-thumb for dosing H2O2 to a planted tank that has fish?  1
>> tablespoon per 10 gallons daily maybe?  What about for dosing a planted tank
>> without fish.  I used half a bottle of H2O2 on my tank (29 gal) yesterday
>> and it seemed to adverely affect the plants.  Nothing major though.  The
>> upper leaves of my hygro poly seem to be wilting, but I'm sure they will
>> bounce back in a couple of days (I hope. Also, the leaves on my E. tennelus
>> have all of a sudden developed whitish streaks and are pearling like mad.
>> All my nutrient levels are in check.

Please email me if you lose any plants Ashley. I will replace them for you
free. I feel somewhat responsible and want you to be happy with your plants
and this list. I have extra plants anyway. Hope you did a water change that
day<g>. I hope you didn't lose any fish either. 
Tom Barr