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Re: Blackout

> One thing I do know, if I hadn't introduced that hair algae in the first
> place - I wouldn't have to ask silly questions like this. Prof. Krombholtz is
> right - that stuff doesn't float through the air and it really doesn't take a
> lot of effort to avoid it once you're rid of it. Never again.

I've never really bought into the concept of "introducing" the algae.

I've intentionally introduced algae infested plants into my tank, and
just days later, all traces of algae are gone, never to return.

When conditions in my 29g got a little screwed up (I forgot to
replace the yeast CO2, I forgot to do water changes for a couple
weeks at a time, etc), algae started showing up.  Some BBA, and some
green fuzz.  I smacked myself, got things fixed up, and the algae 
went away within a week.

I do tend to believe that the algae is always present, and just waiting
for the right conditions for growth.

Chuck Gadd