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fish-load example

      I'd appreciate some input-
    I wanted to get a sense of my tanks' fish load  compared to others and 
haven't been able to from my archive searching.  I know it's difficult to 
generalize, but how heavy of a load is this? 
                40 gallon tank -36"x16"x17"
                      3 w/g light, could add more
                pressurized canister co2  w/controller
                Eheim 2224 canister filter (  150 gph flow rate)
                unfertilized Flourite gravel (could supplement it, none yet)
                r/o source water
                For the sake of simplicity, can we assume good management of 
all                                         parameters for a phosphate 
limiting approach?,
                                    and water change -25%, once every two 
                Feeding approach: to keep fish full bodied- but streamlined - 
                                     say -light feeding, twice a day, all 
eaten quickly-

                7 med. Rummy Nose Tetras-    1 1/4" - 1 3/4"  (tip to tail)
                5 med. Glo-Lite tetras-    1 1/4"
    Is this a level that would generally require a heavy population of fast 
plants to stay ahead of excess phosphate?  Or, a moderate load of slower 
growers?  Could the tank be largely a hairgrass carpet tank, say two thirds, 
with the rest java fern and swords?  
    I've seen more examples of Amano tanks than any others,and he keeps much 
heavier loads under his specific conditions.  But I suspect that most keep 
their fish load below that.
    Thanks alot,
    zach k.