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Re: fish-load example

On Tue, 4 Jul 2000, Zach K. wrote:
>       I'd appreciate some input-
>     I wanted to get a sense of my tanks' fish load  compared to others and 
> haven't been able to from my archive searching.  I know it's difficult to 
> generalize, but how heavy of a load is this? 

<snip some details>

>                 r/o source water

Hmmm.  Do you reconstitute the R/O or use it directly?  If you don't
reconstitute the water and this is your tank with the cyanobacteria
problem then you might not need to look much further for a factor
promoting the cyanobacteria growth.

>                 7 med. Rummy Nose Tetras-    1 1/4" - 1 3/4"  (tip to tail)
>                 5 med. Glo-Lite tetras-    1 1/4"

I'd call that a light fish load.
>     I've seen more examples of Amano tanks than any others,and he keeps much 
> heavier loads under his specific conditions.  But I suspect that most keep 
> their fish load below that.

I think of Amano's fish (+shrimp) loads as moderate.  I suspect lots of us
on the list keep higher loads than Amano does.

Roger Miller