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Re: Wild Goose chases

>There is a very real danger here and it relates to anecdotal evidence and
>misidentified cause/effect.  Without PROPERLY conducted experimentation, you
>cannot be sure that the results you observe are due to the thing you think
>you are testing. If you improperly credit barley straw, peroxide, ozone,
>REDOX, or any of a number of other factors with a reduction in algae growth,
>without being aware of ALL of the other variables which could play a part,
>you haven't learned a thing and you run the risk of sending confused newbies
>off on a wild goose chase.
>The answer to this sort of question requires GOOD science, not merely
>observational accounts.

Dupla, Amano, Dernnele and Florida State U all are wrong? Plus my Dutch
friend also? It is possible but unlikely. The more I get onto plants, the
more I find most/all of the Amano ideas are right. Good science on their
part? Not learning a thing? The risk of sending confused newbies off on a
wild goose chase? Well, you had better mention it to them too. Roger added
some word of caution to this notion as did I regarding my query about the
toxicity levels of H2O2.

James said:
>Some of you might disagree, but Dupla rarely introduces a product which
>doesn't work, and they do have the facilities and the expertise to conduct
>research on their products before bringing them to market.

You said it, so now you retrack this statement? Dupla is not doing their
research then as you said? So is it the Straw or the H2O2 that cause the
algae remission(would you agree that the straw is the causitive agent
here?)?  I have noticed "some" new folks should not attempt this but at very
low levels H2O2 is very safe. Will it help your tank? Ask Dupla or the
Germans or Amano etc. They seem to think so for algae. Personally? I cannot
say for certain as of yet. It does seem quite plausible though as a reason.

I have prefaced some of my statements with "Good management" will take care
of it (algae) and H2O2 as a method for algae control or raising redox values
as a potential  method for taking care of algae.

 My query is more about "why" algae doesn't grow in one tank, though algae
has the same access to nutrients as plants in another tank overrun with
algae. With all this blab blab over nutrient management and P limited tanks
and missing this nutrient or that nutrient being the cause of newbie's woes,
I think nutrients and P limitation from the Sears/Colin approach is not
quite right either. Why, if it (P limited)is the case, do plants in my tank
and **many others** do better when P is added? I have high P, NO3, Fe
etc.........all the things according to much of the common North American
dogma are ways to get algae to grow. So all this talk about wild goose
chasing and such seems to be a bit anecdotal evidence and misidentified
cause/effect based on that theory also. Hummm? There's a lot of goose
chasing going then.

Balance is the key. 3 things, CO2,Light and nutrients are what plants need.
Good tank management will solve most, if not all, of your problems. New
folks should certainly try this approach not some cure-all but H2O2/straw
etc should provide some relief from algae if things are not in balance or
give your tank a small boost back to the optimum. Often, a good old water
change will also cause a change in the Redox value too.

 In a well run planted tank there are sky high redox values already
typically if your tank is pearling like crazy. You would not need any extra
straw/H2O2 etc IMO in such a tank. 

Tom Barr