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Re: APD V4 #370 - The small planted tank in Japan

> Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 23:58:50 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Dirk Matthys

> Question: Does anybody has tips to cool tanks? The
> moesson has started and the temperature of my tank has
> reached 31 degrees C.( Don't want to see my efforts
> cooked)  I don't want to use a blower on the water surface
> (outgassing). I have no idea, I come from Belgium and
> there is never any need to cool tanks ( instead,  heating
> them 10-12 months a year)

You can chill the tank with a "radiator" instead. The "old way" was to run a
slow flow through some tubing, wrapping the tubing with moist towelling and
directing a fan across the wet towels. Evaporative cooling kept the tubing
chilled, returning cooler water to the tank.

A less elaborate adaptation, but no less effective, is to replace your
background temporarily with dark canvas. If you use no background, simply
attach the canvas so that it hangs against the glass, in contact with it.
Kept damp, the canvas may cool the tank sufficiently without a breeze, but
on those really hot days you can blow a small fan against the *outside* of
the tank and not experience either the outgassing or excessive tank
evaporation that a direct flow would cause.

If anyone's interested, it's the same way the military and a lot of campers
keep drinking water cool - free-hanging in a canvas "listor bag". Works
*quite* well...

> If this message is :"no good" for this listing, sorry and please
> advise me, I think we should also read about: "small" fun.
> ( Although it took me 6 months of thinking and adjusting on
> a already 2 year old tank)

In that case, I hereby unofficially say to you:
"Keep up the good work."

> "The joys of pruning"...

Indeed... ;-)


David A. Youngker
nestor10 at mindspring_com