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Re: Snails

I don't think this is a problem that we need to worry about. For the most 
part, we are carrying snail *eggs* in on our plants, and wind up inadvently 
bringing in a snail or two . . . and they multiply on and on and on. I don't 
see at which point they have the chance to become a host for any parasite in 
this type of situation.

OTOH, I have these 2 X-large large snails, and it's obvious they grew up in 
no one's tank. I have no idea what type they are (they wound up at a 
Walmart), but inherited them from a neighbor. I fished them out of a daphnia 
tank when I became wary of parasites a few days ago, but don't know what to 
do with them. Put in a sparsely planted betta tank, they decimated the plants 
in there in less than 24 hours. They have these *feeler* type things that 
emerge from their shell and probably extend out a good 6-8 inches. They are 
not handy for a plant tank in the least, and I can find no purpose for their 
existence in any of my tanks, but don't know what to do with them. They are 
somewhere between the size of a golf & tennis ball.

Although I've taken fish to auction, I don't think there is much of a demand 
for these things. 


>  Here is something a knowlegable friend told me
>  "I think I told you once that I used to never like snails because they are
>  the
>  intermediate host to over 30 parasites (and thats known ones)"
>  I'm just encouraging him to get into planted tanks and he is really
>  interested.. just interesting point of view from someone without planted
>  tank snail experience and who has a aquatic biology background
>  Cheers
>  Jon Hammond