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3 Questions - subsoil, CO2 cannister, and surface extractor


We are setting up a 75 gallon planted tank.  We are
building the tank stand and hood. We will use an ehiem
cannister filter and Steve Pushak's HTBASS method for
the substrate. Currently we have a 20 gallon tank with
soil substrate functioning for 2.5 years.  No problems
and we used soil right out of a purchased bag of
garden soil.  I guess we got lucky. We are  looking to
use the recommended subsoil this time. 

We have 3 questions.   

1.  Is the subsoil safe to apply directly to the tank
or does it need to be baked in the oven first.  How do
you make sure it doesn't have any nemotodes, etc. that
could be nasty.  I used to bake terrarium soil.  But
this would be a much larger quantity.

2.  What is the average height for a CO2 cannister. 
We intend to purchase one in the future and need to
know the height to build the stand.  We are interested
in Dave Gomberg's sytem.  Any comments would be

3. Is the ehiem surface extractor easy to set up.  Can
you use it for a weekend for instance and then take it
down or does it work best when used continually. 

Thank you,

Mark and Lily 

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