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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #348

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Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<< I think there is a very very limited market for this also. This part is 
 news IMO. No money in it, no one will sell it. Plus you have to buy fish you
 have never seen, you need to have them shipped by mail(how many of you have
 done this on the list here?) to you also and they cost lots more than the
 local Regular saltwater fish. If one dies you have to go through this
 process again. I just don't see it happening. No water change and no fish
 deaths for a year or two? Now how many hobbyist will have such luck? 
 Tom Barr
Most people would be surprised to learn about the number of marine fish and 
freshwater fish that live out their lives in the same water in the wild. 
Namely brackish water! I have caught sunfish in water that was 1/4 strength 
sea water and sharks in water that was completely fresh. Actually about 1/4 
strength sea water is a compromise that will allow a great many fish and even 
some inverts to live together. Actually it's the plants that seem to object 
the most strongly to high and low salinity's. I live near a man made lake 
that is completely freshwater with sunken logs and dark water from the tannic 
acids released from all the submerged wood. Quite a few marine fish have set 
up housekeeping in this lake as well as blue crabs. The blue crabs attain the 
largest size of any blue crabs seen, getting to be more than 13" across the 
carapace. Flounder also live there, not the small freshwater type you find in 
aquariums but the large type you catch in marine water. this lake is a power 
plant cooling lake and if the power plant is shut down during the winter 
There are temperature induced fish kills among marine fish that live there.