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Re: Melafix

> Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 17:32:38 +1000
> From: Vera.Todorovic at alcatel_com.au
> Subject: Melafix
> I've had experience with this product with Guppies and it was only bad
> experience. Guppies carry a natural fungus that Melafix seems to disturb


I'm not so sure that it disturbs that fungus, I think it may just disturb
the fish, period.  I, too, have had nothing but bad experiences with
Melafix.  I suspect it killed an angel I was treating.  I was also trying it
on goldfish, and they appeared to react badly to it - tails reddened, they
got sluggish.  Symptoms disappeared once the medication was removed.  There
are also at least 2 others I've talked to on another list that have had the
same experience - one person thinks it wiped out her entire tank  None of us
are newbies, either.  We've had at least a couple years experience, enough
to know to keep an eye on the water parameters, etc.  We couldn't find any
other reason for the deaths/problems but the Melafix.