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Re: Fish-O-Rama

> I must have misunderstood, as indicated in an earlier post. I just
> don't get the process and the part that is *patented*. It appears to
> be just a brackish setup and saltwater and freshwater fish living
> out of normal conditions.

I think the patented part is getting salt-water fish adjusted to
brakish, not converting FW to brakish. BTW, many FW fish do well in 
slightly brakish water. 

I think one should not get too emotional about this. It goes against 
what most experienced aquarists consider common practise, but then, 
most aquarium fish end up in conditions far from ideal. If fact, I am 
afraid the 'product cycle' of aquarium fish is quite similar to that 
of freshly-cut flowers: they are purchased, last for a while, and 
then die. I'm not saying that I approve of that, but it is a fact of