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Re: Re: very mysterious deaths...

on 01:48 AM 6/14/00 , Gitte wrote:

>Also...now I am a trifle confused.  I thought air pumps were no-no's for
>planted tanks.  You switch off filters to reduce turbulence, but doesn't the
>air pump cause CO2 depletion?  Or is this not a problem in the dark?

Air pumps do cause CO2 depletion and potentially pH swings. In my 
particular case, I have a high KH, so pH swings are minimal. (I don't 
switch off filters either, as I like to have a biofilter just in case.)

BTW, I don't use a "normal" air pump for my size of tank... I use the 
smallest one I can get. So it's really just a minor turbulence.

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