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Re: Rosy Barbs

on 01:48 AM 6/14/00 , Michael Cheng wrote:

>I was told that Rosy barbs feeds on hair/thread algae. I bought a pair
>and placed it in my planted tank. To my horror they start pulling out my
>riccia! They don't actually eat it but they like tugging them/chew a bit
>and spit it out. Anyone out there has any similar experience? Thanks for
>any comment.
>BTW they're not really touching the algae yet

I have a pair of Rosy barbs in my 29g tank, they're among my favorite fish. 
They actually swim to the front glass and try to get your attention if you 
walk up to the tank near feeding time.

I don't have Riccia in that tank, but they've never hurt any plants. They 
will nibble on anything and everything if they're hungry, though. (They 
even nibble on my arm when I stick it in the tank.)

They did rid my tank of the last of the hair algae, but they're no miracle 
workers. Solve any nutrient imbalances you have to slow down the hair 
algae, and then the barbs might help finish it off. And if they continue to 
bother plants, give them extra food (they'll eat anything frozen, and any 
floating or sinking food.) Mine would much rather have brine shrimp or 
those new Tetra "crisps" flakes than algae or plants.

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