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Tap Water Purifier

I have two planted tanks, a 38g and a 15g.  In Cobb
County the water sits around pH 7.8, Hardness 50ppm,
and Alk of about 80ppm.  I constantly battle algae and
was wondering if there are any merits to using the TWP
to clean some of the phosphate out of the water (its
notoriously high in the area although I don't have a
current reading).  

Optimally I would like to lower the pH to around
6.5-6.8 without going into a situation where the tank
could crash.  I use DIY CO2 on the larger tank but I
am not too sure the young fish in the 15 gallon would
survive the pH flucations.

My issue is that a TWP seems to knock out some of the
good nutrients from the water (Mg for example) as well
as the bad stuff.  

Is anyone out there using one of these?  What do you
reconsitute your water with when using a TWP?

Any stories, ideas, thoughts would be welcome.

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