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Re: Egeria najas

Tom Wrote
No, that stuff can grow 2-4 inches a day. Egeria najas. Nice plant. Good for
those non CO2 tanks too(slower growing and finer texture). I like that plant
but it is a fast growing weed.<<

That makes sense. The tank has no CO2 yet, and only has 3 40 watt
flourescents, (one of the shoplights will only work with one bulb, and I
have been to lazy to replace it) Actually after cleaning out a bunch of
duckweed and other junk, I can see its grown a lot more than 6"!  I dont
know what happended to the other plant you gave me then, it may have been

BTW, the article Mr. Hammond was emailing to everyone is now up on my site,
as well as Ivo Buskos revised and expanded article. Thanks to both.

Robert Paul H