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Successfull Nitrate Reduction


I posted a few weeks ago how my nitrates were significantly high (+>40 PPM) 
and BGA was taking over. The high nitrates are due to a very heavy fish 
load and most suggested off-loading some of the fish. As a last resort (get 
rid of the fish, are you kidding???), I went to the krib and found the coil 
de-nitrification instructions and decided to build one (actually two).

I bought 2, 100' 1/4" coils of drip irrigation tubing and hooked it up to 
the return on my sump. I added some drip flow controls on the end and 
adjusted each tube for ~5 drips per second. The whole thing cost less than 
$20 USD and sits under my 55g taking about a 6"x6" space. I installed it 
last Sunday.

Today I measured the tank, and the output of the de-nitrator. Tank measures 
at ~5 PPM (down from > 40) and the output of the dripper reads zero. I 
still have BGA, but don't know if exactly when the de-nitrator  took the 
levels down (I was in Koln, Germany for the week) so it could have been 
from nitrates earlier in the week as the coils were getting started. One 
more "cleaning of the sheets" tomorrow (remove it all) and we'll see what 
we get by next week-end as far as BGA goes.

Now, onto the next topic:
LaMotte Phosphate test kit. Does anyone else ever use this kit? My has 
never given me a reading of anything but zero. The el Cheapo Aquarium 
Pharmaceuticals kit reads off the chart. Has anyone else had this problem 
with it???

- Jeff