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Re: Egeria najas

Tom Wrote

No, that stuff can grow 2-4 inches a day. Egeria najas. Nice plant. Good for
those non CO2 tanks too(slower growing and finer texture). I like that plant
but it is a fast growing weed.

I reply:

I have a plant in my tank that I would like somebody to identify. It sounds
like this plant and I wonder if it the same thing. The stuff I have grows
very long and looks like Egeria Densa.  In low light areas the internode
space if several inches but in high light areas the space shrinks to about
1/4" There are 5 leaves at each node and each leaf is about 1/16" wide by
1/2" long and is slightly serated. The plant winds itself in amongst the
other plants and is really difficult to remove. I don't know where it came
from it must have slipped in with some other plant. I really hate this
stuff. I have tried to eradicate it but it always comes back. I am just kind
of curious about the identification as I would like to put a name to my
misery. This plant has caused me more work than any other feature of my 90
gallon tank and I am allergic to tank maintainance. I get hives just
thinking about it.