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Re: Rotala question

> From: Cavan <millsman7 at yahoo_com>
> Subject: PLEASE Answer This Rotala Question!
> Most plants in my thirty gallon are now doing very
> well.  The small leaves are gone, and growth is good.
> My problem is that my Rotala macrandra grows well but
> the lower leaves fade from bright red to a whitish
> green with tiny holes even though the plant keeps
> growing.  Sounds like potassium deficiency, but I add
> .25 ml of Flourish and Kno3 every day.  It is planted
> in a clay pot with laterite, potting soil, and a Tetra
> tab.  It has shown improvement since I increased the
> amount of kno3 and decreased water changes to 5-7
> gallons every other week.  Still, the bottom leaves
> fade away.  Proximity to the lights does not seem to
> matter, as stems lower down still look good on top.

	Mine was doing the same thing, and responded to an increase in 
potassium dose.  I put in several grams of potassium sulphate over a week
or so, (160 L tank), and that is the only change I made.  I don't think
that 0.25 mL of Flourish will provide any significant amount of potassium,
and I think that if one uses KNO3 without K2SO4, either the nitrate
climbs too much or one runs out of potassium. I think that one really
should measure the potassium in the water - I don't yet.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada