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Re: exciting new discoveries

|Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 18:36:52 +0800
|From: "Jon Hammond" <geohammo at iinet_net.au>
|Subject: exciting new discoveries
|I was just looking at my tank observing it and on one end something caught
|my eye.. on closer examination It was a snail !!!  This is very weird
|because I've only ever had 2 snails in my tank and both died.. I haven't put
|new plants in for months so unless they came with the riccia then its a
|mystery to me.. it will be interesting to see what sort of snails they are
|(Ive spotted three of them so far only a few millimeters in diameter).  Also
|in the back corner of my tank where the outlet goes back into the tank and
|my CO2 gets injected into a reactor just above the water on the glass and
|clambering on the pipe are these small little crustacean like insects.  I
|beleive they are freshwater amphipods ! Ther are about 5mm in lenght and
|theres quite a few of them and when I put my tweezers in they were all
|jumping around (saltwater amphipods I have experienced do this).  I think
|they like the riccia.. wow this is all exciting anyone else had anything
|like this in their tank before ?
|Jon Hammond

Jon, I had a similar experience...I moved from Maryland to Michigan about 3 1/2
years ago.  In Maryland I had a breeding pair of crawfish.  Gave all of them
including the tank to a friend, but kept the filter to be used in a few large
tanks I kept.  Set up my tanks as usual.  3 months later, I went to clean the
sponge in the filter and found a crawfish about 3 inches long in the bottem of
the filter!  He was quite healthy, fat, and happy!