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Re: Mosquito Larvae & Worms

IThose red worms are more likely to be blood worms. This are larval midges

For those interested in the identification (taxonomic) chartacteristics of
these fellows, you can r downnload the following file.


At the same site there are other very intreresting keys.

Its my opinion that harvesting live food in  natural ponds is a risky
busines. Life grows in equilibrium, so if there are red worms, then there
are the critters that feed on them and the critters the worms feed with, so
the food chain goes bothsides.

Its fairly easy to culture YOUR OWN live food. If you get parasites or other
porblems into your tank it may be expensive to fix and we will have another
sad story like the ones we often read here.

Normal flakes or pellets are ok. for the fish most of the time.

You can make your dog very happy with a big prime rib stake, I have never
buy a rabbit so my dog have the fun of chasing it. I think the same holds
true for fish. Fresh food vs. Live food.