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Re: SAEs and java moss

Hi Joo,
The SAEs I got about a month ago haven't touched the java moss, but they ate 
all the root hairs off the roots of my java ferns! The roots were hanging 
down over a cave mouth and it really doesn't look as cool anymore. But they 
did such a great job on the algae!
San Jose CA

>Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 13:38:19 +0800
>From: "Joo Tan" <zoologist at mailcity_com>
>Subject: Java moss
>Hi folks,
>    Does anyone here came across such experience where the SAEs ate the 
>tiny leaves of java moss?  All my java moss have lost all their leaves and 
>all that is left are only the stalk.
>in hot sunny KL, Malaysia

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