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Re: Sylvia's Indian Red Sword

>I finally got a back order on my Indian Red sword today (after apparently 
>getting a Red Flame in error). It was potted, and had a tag in there 
>identifying it as an Indian Red, but was completedly green, with the typical 
>emerged green leaf shape & texture that amazon swords have. 
>Does anyone know what this plant looks like, emersed?

I believe you do have the right plant despite appearances.  For some reason
the red swords seem to revert to a green "wild-type" look when they go
emersed.  This is almost always true unless they are verigated white of
verigated red (they keep the SPOTS emersed).  

Let your sword grow submersed for a couple of weeks and you'll see the new
growth should look as soft and RED as you first expected.

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