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Re: Sylvia's Indian Red Sword

I think Sylvia and I both got our back order for the Indian Reds at the same 
time.  A beautiful plant.  It looked  like it had been grown mostly emersed. 
On mine, there were two rose colored inner new leaves that, within 24 hours 
have *uncurled* and started reaching to the light. As received the plant 
*stood* 15 inches tall and about six inches wide with more leaves than I 
would like to count.  One complaint I had was that it was very difficult 
getting the darn thing out of its pot for planting, and I'll probably think 
twice before getting another commercial potted aquatic plant.

In case the list is interested ,the 120 gallon I started on 6 May is going 
great guns. It still has to clear a bit but, all plants are  thriving and it 
seems as if growing daily.  In spite of the high PO4 (due to a bonehead error 
on my part using Seachem Neutral Regulator ), from off the chart, the PO4 
level is now under 1ppm.

I have never had  readings for NH, NO2 or NO3. pH is a constant 7.0 with dgH 
of  3 and a dkH of between 2 and 3. Fe is at around point one to point two. 
The Clown (?) Pleco is behaving himself, and the six SAE's are  *cleaning up* 
 The Ich infestation is part of history now and I had a brief minor tussle 
with what looked like *Pelt Algae*  I presume it thought conditions were 
right due to the formerly high PO4 level.  Lighting is now three compact Fl's 
from All Glass for a total of a tad more than three watts a gallon.

Thanking the list for the very helpful input you have provided without 
looking down your noses at me.  Thanks to you all the 60 odd plants are giong 
great. (One each Rubin, Ozelot, Rose and Indian Red Sword) Six Aponogeton 
Rigidfloris and Crispus <sp> circa thirty odd vals (started out with circa  
twenty  And numerous stemmed plants. (Giant Hydro, Scarlet Hydro, Narrow and 
Broad leafed Lud's etc.)  CO2 will be added inother month or so.

Six  to ten Ottos will be added next week or the week after and, two weeks 
later, five or six clown loaches.  That will be it for the fish load for 
quite a while but, I'm considering adding a few  Pearl Gouramies for the top 
of the water column, and  a large school of Black Neons for the middle. And 
that should be it.  

Thanks again

David Napierkowski
Annapolis, Maryland