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RE:CO2 regulators and DIY yeast

> regulators work and how to select one for a particular
>application, as well as maintenance procedures. For those of you still
>thinking about making the changeover from DIY yeast generated CO2 to
>compressed gas, this site might give you some much needed information.

You can also use DIY Yeast with a controller. FWIW,

>I've recently been installing an automatic CO2 system using a Tunze pH 
>controller. The price of the pH controller was very reasonable but I was 
>alarmed to see th price of the valve. 

Then don't use one. Use a powerhead for your dosing device. Cost about 8$ to
about 20$ for most sized tanks. Plug into a timer or controller or leave it
run "on" all the time. Works great and cheaper/more familiar device. 
Tom Barr