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Re: red flint filter sand

Kevin writes:

> I hold in my hands a 5 lb sample bag of "red flint filter sand #20" from a
>  national building supply company.  This place supplies Estes, one of the
>  most popular brands at the LFS, with their raw gravel.  I have the
>  opportunity to get major quantities at what seems to be a fairly cheap bulk
>  price ($0.25 per pound, including shipping).  It perfectly bridges the gap
>  between a coarse sand and a fine gravel.  However, it's not really red; 
>  a mix of gray, red, and white rounded pebbles, 1-2 mm in diameter.  It
>  didn't react with vinegar.  This is the raw product before it gets painted
>  and polished by Estes.  Any thoughts on what this is and it's usefullness 
>  a substrate?  Thanks, Kevin

If it is non-reactive with vinegar, then it is probaly safe for aquarium use. 
 To make sure, try pouring a little muriatic acid on it.  That is much 
stroger than vinegar and will let you know for sure.  I'd appreciate it if 
you could email me off-list with the name and contact info of this company. 

Bob Dixon
idmiamibob at aol_com