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Re: Nannochromis transvestitus

> Subject: Nannochromis transvestitus
> I have the (apparently rare?) opportunity to get a
> pair of Nannochromis
> transvestitus.  
> My tap water is pH 7.5, GH 8, and KH 5.  I am aware
> that these are not
> ideal conditions for this type of fish.  However,
> would they be able to
> live in my 50-gal planted tank anyway?

> Also, what would be a fair price for a pair of these
> fish?

Nannochromis transvestitus is an interesting fish.  If
you like dwarf Cichlids, go for it.  The planted tank
you describe should be fine for maintaining this fish
provided that all of the other conditions are
favorable.  By this I mean regular partial water
changes, proper feedings and no aggressive tank mates.
 If you want to breed this fish, I recommend a 10 or
15 gallon species tank with a pH around 6.5 and
hardness of less than 50 ppm but the lower the better
for hardness.  Also, don't be too bashful about
lowering the hardness in one big water change.  With a
healthy pair, the result is usually a clay pot full of

A fair price is tough to quote.  I have seen high
retail at $50/pr.  I have purchased them myself for $8

Good luck!


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