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Re: Nannochromis transvestitus

Gitte posted:

> I have the (apparently rare?) opportunity to get a pair of Nannochromis
> transvestitus.  I have a few questions about them, and am wondering if
> anyone could offer any advice.
> My tap water is pH 7.5, GH 8, and KH 5.  I am aware that these are not
> ideal conditions for this type of fish.  However, would they be able to
> live in my 50-gal planted tank anyway?
> Also, what would be a fair price for a pair of these fish?

I would ask the Apistogramma Mailing List, if you haven't already.  Pop over
to Yahoo and type it in, you'll find them.  It's a knowledgeable list,
although they get into flame wars more often than the APD.

My husband had a pair of these which he bred about a year ago -- beautiful
fish, and they seemed fairly hardy.  We did keep some of the offspring in my
tank at 7.5, with a lower hardness than your tank, but not for very long.
They kicked it when I had a rash of unexplained deaths among dwarf cichlids
and labyrinth fish.  He kept (and bred) them in a lower pH/GH.  I don't
remember them being ridiculously expensive... at least as far as dwarf
cichlids go.

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, MD