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High Nitrates and BG algae...

OK..... So I have too many fish in my 55G plant tank.

Using Flourite, 55G tanks, Dave Gomberg CO2, AHsupply 2x55WCPF@5K,
2x40W@Daylight, photoperiod 12 hours, TMG (1 ML/day, timed).
4 Discus (1yr old), 4 SAE, 30 Cardinals, 30 Rummy Nose, 4 OTO

NitrAtes are very high, +40ppm (Lamotte) and BGA is proliferating and
smothering everything.

Lots (and lots) of plants!

5 Swords, Corkscrew (forest), Red Telenthera (a forest!), Wisteria, r.
Indica everywhere, Abula, Zostrifolia, riccia, chain swords, dwarf sag
(flowering, btw), pygmy sword, Java Fern, Milfoil, R. Wallichi, T.

Short of getting rid of some of the fish (the schooling is great!) or
changing water on a daily basis, any thoughts on how to get the nitrates
lower to stop the BGA from covering everything?

I also have a zero reading form LaMotte on Orthophosphate, but the cheap
"Dr. Wellfish" kit shows significant PO4.

Looking for some answers,


- Jeff