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Re: Gastromyzon/Pseudogastromyzon algae eaters

Dinyar Lalkaka wrote about the "good Chines Algae Eaters", which 
really are from China and really do eat algae. I have had one of 
these little fellows for about a year. It looks like a piscene vacuum 
cleaner, steadily moving over glass, rocks, driftwood, and 
broadleaved plants, cleaning algae. My tank has a moderate 
current and very good aeration (from the plants), and the Borneo 
Hillstream Loach (the name under which he was sold) appears to 
be quite happy in these conditions. He doesn't seem to mind being 
in the still parts of the tank, rather than in the current flow. He is 
totally oblivious to the other fish, and they of him. He doesn't eat 
any sort of prepared or live foods, only the algae (and whatever lives 
in the algae). I can't say I'd use this fish as a primary algae control, 
but he's an interesting and worthy addition to the tank. There's a 
photo on my website here:  

Cathy Hartland
Middletown, MD