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SAE's adn Albany Aquar. and hair algea

Albany IS very very expensive, but the fish tend to be healthy, the
management fair and often but  not always, the staff well informed and
helpful. The tanks are well cared for and clean of disease as a much as
humanly possible.  The HUGE catfish loach tank looks a bit dirty at time
adn the syno tank gets cloudy, but don't worry about.

I go my SAE's at NIppon at six ofr 15 buck.  Most of the first batch
died within days and two committed suicide by leaping. I treated the
second batch iwth rid ich + while they were in quaranitne and only lost
one, besides the suicide. I suspect flukes, personally.  I didn not
treat for bacterial but the fish that survived are very active and
healthy and in the big tank now.

BTW---WHAT is an FFF? Is this a flying fox?  I need a hair algae eater
for my Java Moss mess.


> While we are on the SAE topic... I just bought my first two (About 1.5
> inches long)from Albany Aq (Albany, CA) for 7.99 each! I guess I got
> off! Does anyone in the Bay Area know of another place to get them? I
> too thrilled when I got to Albany Aq after getting myself all psyched up-
> guess I thought that one of the first importers of SAEs would be a pretty
> nice place, but their tanks were really filthy! I was almost afraid to buy
> anything there.

I just have to step in here and defend Albany Aquarium, as it is
my favorite LFS. I'm not sure what your definition of "filthy" is, but
i have never seen dirty tanks at Albany, and i've been there many
times. I'm surprised that it appeared this way, as they are truly
one of the best aquarium stores i have been to, if not the best.
They do have one salt tank in the middle of the upstairs that
i think they let go and haven't maintained for some reason, but the
rest of the tanks look healthy to me.  It is the *only* LFS i have
ever been too that quarantines their fish for two weeks before
selling to the public.