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Pet Warehouse plants

Hoa Nguyen mentioned that Pet warehouse had the lowest prices on aquarium
bulbs.  Just for the fun of it, I looked up their plants section.  The
first thing that jumped out at me was that they have a $60.00 minimum
order.  Secondly, they have quite a small selection.  I noticed that they
have something called Hygrophila america.  I looked at the picture, and it
looks like nothing I have ever seen before.  I wonder if it belongs under
water.  It certainly doesn't look like other members of the genus.  I
looked at their picture of Hygrophila difformis.  It isn't H. difformis, it
is watersprite, Ceratopteris thalictroides.  After that, I didn't look any

Paul Krombholz, wondering what it takes to get it to rain in dry central