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SAEs and shrimp question

While we are on the SAE topic... I just bought my first two (About 1.5 
inches long)from Albany Aq (Albany, CA) for 7.99 each! I guess I got ripped 
off! Does anyone in the Bay Area know of another place to get them? I wasn't 
too thrilled when I got to Albany Aq after getting myself all psyched up- I 
guess I thought that one of the first importers of SAEs would be a pretty 
nice place, but their tanks were really filthy! I was almost afraid to buy 
anything there.

But I got the SAEs and I can't say I'm sorry because they have already taken 
out about half of the brush algae I was starting to get. I also think they 
are really good looking, and good dispositions. So far.

My question is regarding my large female ghost shrimp. She is turning 
progressively more opaque white. Her mate is staying transparent. Is this 
normal? I thought it might be because she was carrying eggs, but the eggs 
hatched about a week ago and she's still getting whiter every day. Does 
anyone know what this means? I'm afraid she's sick.

Thanks in advance,
San Jose, CA
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