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Re: SAEs and shrimp question

> While we are on the SAE topic... I just bought my first two (About 1.5
> inches long)from Albany Aq (Albany, CA) for 7.99 each! I guess I got
> off! Does anyone in the Bay Area know of another place to get them? I
> too thrilled when I got to Albany Aq after getting myself all psyched up-
> guess I thought that one of the first importers of SAEs would be a pretty
> nice place, but their tanks were really filthy! I was almost afraid to buy
> anything there.

I just have to step in here and defend Albany Aquarium, as it is
my favorite LFS. I'm not sure what your definition of "filthy" is, but
i have never seen dirty tanks at Albany, and i've been there many
times. I'm surprised that it appeared this way, as they are truly
one of the best aquarium stores i have been to, if not the best.
They do have one salt tank in the middle of the upstairs that
i think they let go and haven't maintained for some reason, but the
rest of the tanks look healthy to me.  It is the *only* LFS i have
ever been too that quarantines their fish for two weeks before
selling to the public. It is the *only* LFS i have ever seen that has
live plants in every tank (except the cichlids of course). They have
an amazing selection of live plants (if you get there when they first
put them on display - they sell quickly!), the best and healthiest i've
seen in any LFS. In fact, the owner is thanked by Pablo Teepot for
his contributions in the "Aquarium Plants" book.  And i never see sick
fish displayed in their tanks- never!
    Their tanks do have algae, but if you look close, almost every tank has
otos and SAE's and cories for general cleanup. And i think that is
the reason otos from albany don't mysteriously die like many do. Its
because they are in a natural environment, doing what they do best -
eating algae! The shop is old and run down (don't worry, no one has
fallen through the second floor yet :), but they are moving across the
street to a new building (soon i hope).  The staff is exceptionally
knowledgeable and friendly.
    As far as the prices, i certainly will pay a slightly higher price for
fish that have been quarantined and taken care of properly. Did you
see the size of the kribensis they have? And i will support a store that
has quality fish and plant stock, and knowledgeable employees, even
if i could save a buck going to Al's Pet Emporium or some similar
    There are quite a few places in the Bay Area to get SAE's. I've
seen them in Concord (at The Aquarium), and in San Fran (i think
at Nipon).  I know there are others, i just can't think of them this

> But I got the SAEs and I can't say I'm sorry because they have already
> out about half of the brush algae I was starting to get. I also think they
> are really good looking, and good dispositions. So far.

Thats because you got the real thing. Unless you are quite
clear on the differences between the SAE and its imposters,
you could get tricked into buying something that looks like
an SAE. That won't happen at Albany Aquarium.

> My question is regarding my large female ghost shrimp. She is turning
> progressively more opaque white. Her mate is staying transparent. Is this
> normal? I thought it might be because she was carrying eggs, but the eggs
> hatched about a week ago and she's still getting whiter every day. Does
> anyone know what this means? I'm afraid she's sick.

This happened to one of my ghost shrimp, and he died a short
time after.  It almost looks like they are filling up with smoke.
Don't know what causes it, as i have three others that are fine
and are large enough to attempt to harrass my pelvicachromis

danville, CA

> Thanks in advance,
> Tierney
> San Jose, CA