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RE: Crinum cala

>I was told by the plant supplier that it's pretty indestructible. 

yes and no. Roots grow very slowly and the bulb is sensitive, but it is a
tough plant overall. It just takes some time to get going. It may take 4-6

Sounds like 
>it might already be done for. If the bulb was already kicked around a bit too 
>much, which it looks like it has, there's not much I can do, I guess, but 
>cross my fingers.

That's about all you can do.
The abused tubers can be quite prone to rot but not as much as C. aquatica.
Be specially aware to be as careful as you can planting it.

>How did you get the brood bulbs?

Lots and lots of patience. Don't move it for years, give it good feedings,
good conditions, maybe you'll be lucky. I believe this plant is totally
raised by tissue culture. Typically they are very small when raised in this
manner but it is a lot faster than the brood tubers. I'm not certain if they
even flower (they live in submersion all the time in nature) but I'll assume
they do perhaps sending a floral spike to the surface. Never seen it, never
heard of it though.

 You mentioned it likes light--do you observe 
>different growth (rates) under different lighting?

It does well in most lighting set ups from 6700K to 3000K. 2-4 watts etc....
Growth rates are so-so. I think a richer substrate will do well for this
plant. I replanted mine in flourite after some years in sand so we'll see if
this is right or not.  
Tom Barr