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Few questions

OK I have a few questions.  They have probably been asked before so for the
sake of the other memebers of the list, please answer my queries personally.

1.  What is everyones opionions on Low pressure vs High pressure CO2
injection.. what do you use and what works for you ?

2.  Does anyone use power compact floursecent lights ? How are they as
compared to normal flourscent (spread of light, spectrum intensity etc?)

3.  Last one.  I use phillips aquarelle bulbs.  I seems that the majority of
the list memebers live in the USA and perhaps have not heard of this bulb.
I suspect it is a new generation flourescent and I use them on my tank with
great success.. They are from holland and are rated 10 000 K which is
against what I have read on the list (you should use around 500oK bulbs).
Is this because people havent heard of or used these bulbs before ? (in the
US the ballasts are wrong to run them which could add to the reason no one
has used them).. I know this topic was lightly flung around but I thought id
bring it up again as it intruiges me why I have hardly heard of anyone else
using such a good bulb :o)

Anyway thanks a lot :o)

Jon Hammond
Perth, Western Australia