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Re: Slipping plants across borders

James Purchase wrote:

<<<There ARE legal ways to import/export plants in most countries. They may be
cumbersome, expensive and lengthy, but they will help protect native plants
and habitats both in the source country and in the destination country.
Plus, they will keep you out of jail.>>>

I absolutely agree.  There are very good reasons for restrictions on
importing live plants or seeds into any country.  These non-native species
have the potential to wreak havoc with the ecosystems in the destination
country.  They may bring diseases or pests, and although Kean may intend to
keep these in his own aquarium, he may over time trade some clippings with
a friend who may trade them with someone else, and on-and-on.

In Canada, the regulations are so strict that even cars being shipped from
Europe must have ALL dirt and dust washed off by accredited and approved
companies before being allowed to board ships headed for Canada.  Countries
need to protect their own native plants and animals.  I wouldn't smuggle
plants or seeds in, whether or not the risk of prosecution exists.  It just
isn't right.

Off my soapbox now.