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Re: What Gives? Have I S&^%$ed up So soon?

>Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 19:02:08 EDT
>From: FocaIPoint at aol_com

>Well, everything was perking along just fine. The fellow at the LFS
>to me that the local water has little buffering capacity and that's why
>sitting in the tank for a week the pH went  from 7.5 to acidic. So I added 
>Seachem Neutral Regulator yesterday. (per directions) And my phosphate shot 
>up from 1 point zero to beyond 5 point zero. So I'm doing a water change 
>tomorrow. Or should I just wait and see?

Yep, you S&^%$ed up already. Better do a few water changes to get rid of
the phosphate - it won't go away by itself. Stick to baking soda for

>And -- since I will be adding CO2 within the next month or so, how can I 
>avoid all this adding of chemicals to bring the pH up, just so I can bring
>back down while injecting CO2 in the water for the plants?

When you add CO2 for the plants, the pH WILL go down. So you HAVE to add
chemicals to get it up so that when you add CO2 it will go down to the
right level. 
George Booth, Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)