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Re: Slipping plants across borders

Kean Huat wonders if he can bring some plants back from Malaysia when he
visits that country. Pugturd (???) recommended several ways to get plant
material into the country, bypassing inspectors and possible confiscation.

All of the recommended methods are illegal, immoral, selfish, and downright
stupid. Restrictions are placed on plant exports/imports for a REASON. You
may not agree with the reason but it is a fact and usually a law,
disregarding it can potentially land you in serious trouble with
authorities, either in the country you are taking plants out of, the one you
are trying to smuggle them into, or both.

There ARE legal ways to import/export plants in most countries. They may be
cumbersome, expensive and lengthy, but they will help protect native plants
and habitats both in the source country and in the destination country.
Plus, they will keep you out of jail.

I know of no plant worth a criminal record. I'd recommend that he contact
local authorities in Chicago and see if he can get an Import Permit
fast-tracked. He might also want to contact the Malaysian Consulate or
Embassy to see if there are any restrictions on that end to export native
plants. It would be a shame to be thrown into a foreign jail for the sake of
a few aquarium plants.

James Purchase