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Re:Bleaching flourite

Ashley wrote:

>Would bleaching Flourite destroy its chemistry and render it useless in
>regards to its
>iron-bearing property? In the past, my tanks developed brush algae.  I am in
>the process of setting up a new tank from scratch, making sure to bleach
>everything (plants, gravel, equipment, etc...).  I tossed out the previous
>substrate and have decided to go with a half Flourite / half gravel
>substrate combo, but the more I think about it, I am leaning toward a 100%
>flourite bed. In the event that the brush algae begins to grow over the
>Flourite, I would want to eliminate it asap, and from experience, only
>bleaching can do this (although I've heard of starving it to death which
>I've never observed). Any comments?


I don't think the bleach would destroy the chemistry of fluorite, but it
would be hard to rinse all the bleach out of the fluorite.  Why don't you
try a day's cooking in a crock pot?  After cooling and drying, the fluorite
should be ready to go.  Since I use the local soil, I never had to worry
about saving it if I had to sterilize my gravel.

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi, where our next chance of rain is
Sat.  89 degrees today, and 91 expected tomorrow.